Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Conflict of Interest ..

Have u ever been into conflict with him on something very-very-very important yet tidious.. (Marriage!!)
when is the best date ...
what to get for hantaran ..
who to pay that fee ..
why do we need the profesionals ..
where to do it ..

Have u ever involved into conflict in two relationship ..
(Bestfriend vs friend)
which side are u in ...
what is the BEST advise to give ..
when is 'the' day ..
why do u need to pretend ..
and the most ... who do you love more ...

whateve conflict we involved ..
i try my best to give more rather to take ..(although according 2 him i get more!!)

with my own conflict .. i need 2 solve on my own...
yup... as per advise.. my heart already have the answer..
(Heart vs mind)
which one should we follow ..
which one impact u more ..

being an ordinary girl .. ill choose both (50:50)

1 comment:

utterlyme said...

In life its always tough to have both what more for all, conflict i believe arise bcoz of the choices we have to make. Being ordinary its not easy to choose, but being someone like you, i trust...choises made will be of interest to all matters....