Thursday, May 18, 2006

Should i start now?


yesterday had a chat wit mama. she gave me hope 2 talk about marriage plan
yesterday had chat wit good friend~Diana.she puts me back to reality
yesterday had chat wit arjuna.i knew he loves me more that anything else and always gonna
today had chat wit sista.she make me think that where eve we go, there will always be challenges..well.. so does my life rite?
today ive been inspired.. to many things and to real world.

should i start now.. to be more focus in my life,love,career.

i think i should..

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of twilight and dreams said...

There will be a point in our life that we will be somehow at lost at what is going on. I think it is something like a soul searching.

Some people are blessed with deeper understanding of one emotion, while some choose to ignore it. Yes sometimes it is hard when you feel to much.The mind might go befudled over a trivial matters.

I think your heart is trying to tell you something :)