Friday, June 23, 2006

Fabulous Blue

People say your favourite colour can potray u. Those who are daring & sexy loves RED. Those who love peace just like GREEN. I just fall inlove with WHITE. Blue Jeans & white baby T can look just Fab! Nampak classy sgt!. But sometimes tu warna PINK pun comel jugak. U know .when u feel like wanna be girlishhh or gedikss. But seeing a guy in BLUE shirts are Fabulous too.. They looks so smart. I like when him wear blue too.. Nampak stylo sgt.. Here are some Personality Colour that ive read in the web:-

Blues like to be admired for their steady character and wisdom. They are faithful but are often worriers with somewhat inflexible beliefs and can be too cautious, and suspicious of flamboyant behaviour

Red is often the colour by someone outgoing, aggresive vigorous and impulsive. Redder are usually optimistic & cant stand monotomy. Red is usually choosen by those with open and uncomplicated natures, with a zest of life.

Pink desires protection, special treatment, and sheltered life. Pinker require affection and like to feel loved and secure, perhaps wanting to appear delicate and fragile.

The colour of happiness, wisdom and imagination. Yellow people are god business head and strong sense of humour. it is colour of intellectuality and all the things to do with the mind.

Green symbolize hope, renewal, harmony, balanced, and peace and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere.Greens are ususally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but prefering peace at any price.

mystery, but their preference may also indicate a suppression of desires and worldly aims, suggesting hidden depths and inner longings.

Brown person has stamina and patience, tending to be very solid and substantial, conscientious, dependable, steady, and conservative. Browns are not impulsive, and may be inarticulate and tactless but they love responsibility and are reliable and kindly

Symbolic of purity, innocence, and naivete, white has strong connotations of youth and purity. It may also symbolize a desire for simplicity or the simple life.

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