Thursday, July 06, 2006

Komplikasi Hati

today entree its about komplikasi hati. 1 tittle but 2 topic.
One is about komplikasi. close friend of mine told im complex..aka complicated..Yeahh ahhh
Am i complicated??.. i dont think so.. i always thought im a simple person.. well..kind of think of it.. may be i am BUTTT not much. sometimes i do tend to take simple thing complicated. But u cant blame me right.. Im an ANALYST by profession. So i always have plan, folder of every file, back up of back up... it does impact my personal okay. But my true colours is..i AM SIMPLE... oklah.. 60:40 .. Fair???
Second is about Hati..Bukan pasal jatuh hati atau hati & perasaan. But its about kecik hati. Sumtimes, girls especially cepat sgt kecik hati.. why? (too emotional? or too sensitive)... i admit i nie cepat terasa hati.. kecik hati..I mean.. its not gud rite.. so.. jgnlah ambik hati sgt. try 2 be easy.."buang yg keruh ambil yg jerneh" ...

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