Friday, July 28, 2006

o friend o soulmate o love

ive been busy lately.month end.n trying 2 push invoices.getting d prep 4 my garden engagement too. but somehow, i enjoy wat im doing. a friend of mine just ask..why im being so mushi2 (real bit gilaa..well actually a lot).may be i guess i was in d mood of being a bit emosional..wat to do.. im just an ordinary girl. so today me wanna mengarut sorang about friend,soulmate n love.
o friend, she's leaving 2 different department ...sedih (still in same building but different dept).later can not car pool, can not gossip2, can not bitch around, can not go wee wee 2gether,can not go breakfast in d store..can not n can not...sedih. but o friend, i pray d best 4 worries,ull be gud in watever u do..o soulmate, o scientist.. why, why and why.but i treasure u.. o my luv o my heart, no perfect words 2 describe u, 2 descibe how much i love u and 2 describe how much i thank god i found u.. "toooOOOo00000Ooooooo!!"

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utterlyme said...

U arr gul, always makes me touch with all those worries..the car pool routine will still remain so long we still live "setaman"..though the bfast part is sadly true..but lunch+gossips+etc i doubt will stop..cheer up won't leave you dat far...sing a bit here 4u ok.."just call my name..and i'll be there...lalala"