Thursday, October 19, 2006

my style

well this entree is about why this blog...
it was inspired by a friend of mine who loves to read my blog. she said wat ive expressed is so sincere (kire she knows wat i felt la...) but why must u thru blog. Reason dear.. coz sumtimes i feel writing is more easier.. u know me kann.. i look strong out side but deep inside im just an ordinary girl... sumtime when i wanna say sumthing to a person.. its really hard 2 say direct to his or her face..itu saja..
But wats wit the words yaa.. well actually i love 2 write in style. may be sum are bit mushy-mushy but i like it...Ingat tak articles i wrote for some magazine.. that was some kenangan terindah for me... but unfortunately as the magazine decided to go more serious... i cant just go along with their concept.. so i told my editor i have 2 quit..
so dear close friends..thank u 4 reading this blog. Sometimes i know u dont understand wat i meant.. (girls...u all so far away from me lahh).. but thank again 4 d support. n babe..sory this blog can only being comment by blogger...use that chatbox instead kay...

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