Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cerita Penat

Aku penat - Fisikal & Emosi

Secara Fisikal
Non-Stop Working since last 3 months memang sangat memenatkan!
Waking up at 6 and sleep at 12 Mid Nite, sungguh penat
Tapi aku ceria ke tempat kerja
Kerana passion & mereka

Penat face when reached home automatically turned to sunshine smile
When reaching home and Arjuna always support & understood me
Tak pernah sekali been scolded !
In fact, being pampered like always as a princess

Secara Emosi
Aku penat bersedih
So now all i want to do is having Much Fun of it!
With everyone i love and others who loved me ...

Tapi these 3 hari libur,
Aku nak rehat secukupnya...
Untuk hidup & cabaran baru akan datang .

p/s: That new smell of B&B reached at perfect time to rejuvenate


little miss kechik said...

eeee.. i so need a new B&B too... sigh...

fififlafla said...

Haha.. itupun dah kena kidnapped satu!! Bbay Butterfly Flowers beshhh!!!