Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fififlafla in a whole new world

A whole new feelings..
Moment ive been waiting, prying and hopping finally arrived!
Im a mother today!

As you know, it was not an easy journey!
But i cherished every moment of it and believed that God do that for such reason.
Reason that i should be thankful i have my wonderful Arjuna next to me for every moment of my life!
Reason for me to become stronger and face this world calmly!
Reason to believed that miracle does happen. Its god's will!

She was 3.05kg when arrived safely at Pantai Medical Bangsar.
Alhamdulillah, everything seems normal.
Omera Iman now is the lil precios of My Arjuna & Me ...

I choosed Omera (Inspiring with great personality) coz i know u are much stronger that your previous 'siblings'. I believed that god have written you will be the one!
While Iman (Believing in Faith) coz no matter how much i pry, wishes and hopes.
If faith decided that you will be.. than you will be!

2010, insya allah will be a beautiful and joyous year.
I can feel it!!!

p/s: New roles come with a new Lay out! (Saja ajer) This year is my 5th year of blogging! huhu


Khemy said...

Chop! Congrats Maya..chubby nyer Omera itu..

fififlafla said...

Thanks Khmey! follow the mother of effect of EXTRA Nyummylicious Potato i had entire 9 months pregnancy! heheeh

Anonymous said...


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::i.e.r.a:: said...

Congrats & Alhamdulillah..... chomelnyer Iman.. nama sgt2 sedap hokey...

Anonymous said...

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