Friday, February 19, 2010

Cerita Berpantang - My Version

As i was writting this entry, i have yet to complete my 44days of confinement.
However it was already 40days! So i think deserved to story those moment!

I decided to do it at my mom's place. (Mestilah kan!. Mesti balik umah mama)
The fact that i knew that my mom is not those typical and 'taksub' with DO's and DON'T during confinement.
Her rule of thumb is simple;
Anything COLD (Ice, Local fruits), Seafood, Chicken is No-No. (love it! love it!)
However, certain things we still to follow nenek moyang kita buat...
Like berurut (I did for 3 days. 2 weeks after delivered. All body EXCEPT tummy)
Like bertangas (Already have the ubat tapi belum buat. Tunggu nanah kering)
Like taking the herbs (I have little herbs my 'bidan' prepared. semua tradiotional. tapi belum ambik coz still breasfeed. May be after i finished my confinement)

Mama prepared for me twice menu daily. FISH (a lots of them) and Green Vege.
Cara masak mestilah bakar! Yes i have no complaint over it CUMA tak pedas lansung.
For someone yang MUST have spicy food everytime she eats, this is my greatest challenge!
Memang rase macam orang sakitlah!
But i enjoyed FISH and VEGETABLES coz they are my favourite.
Yes i missed Chicken, but can get over it.
To ensure that i still have the appetite,  sometimes she prepared for me Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis, Keow Tiow Sup fishball, Keow tiow goreng olive kosong, Nasi goreng sosej daging.
Time confinement ni, all the special foos i mentioned above sangatlah sedap ok!
Kadang, i took Prosperity Burger (meat). Beshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Talking about jalan-jalan, yes she prohibited me of going out of the house.
But i tell you that every week, there is surely one time i managed to breath fresh air!
(1st week-tak de, 2nd week-Omera flu, 3rd week-kena tunjuk nanah kat gyne,4th week-Omera Sunat, 5th week- Omera's doc appointment)
But on my 38th days, i went to 1utama. (huhu. dah mintak kebenaran ok!)
But my outing was only 1/2 an hour. No loitering around. We park the car closest to the door and i went straight to get her travel system. Thats all.
Tapi betul orang tua-tua advise tak kasi keluar rumah  sebab walaupun hanya 1/2 jam, i felt very tired.
My dear friend told me all this is actualy just mindset. katanya lah...

I didnt do -berbengkung though. Reason to it very simple, because ada nanah! But i will do it once it receoved.
Berpilis- Nahhhhh.. To lazy to do it! But i did tie my hair up! and wear sweaters & socks all the time.
Breastfeeding - Yes it hurt me badly but now i can get over it. In fact amongst my fav part of confinement.
It really create the bond between me and her when she looks straight to my eyes.
I intend to breastfeed her till 1 year old (insya allah) but once i start to work, mommy need to mix with the formula milk. sorry baby...
I already get all the gadget needed for breastfeed and storage!

Now that i only left 4 days, i have lots of plan to celebrate this day. (And all about food!!!)
I will miss my confinement period. This time around it was really different that the previous two.
It is really meaningful.
For that, i thank my mama the most and followed by my Arjuna.

Seriously, i dont think my body will never goes back to normal (figure and energy, sekarang asyik penat saja). But i don't care.
I already have her and most importantly i have a family.

(my pryers goes to few of my friends who has something similar cases with me before i have her. Never give up and believe in god coz Allah already have the plan..- thats why i insisted Omera's name to be having IMAN as the meaning - believing in faith)

p/ssst : I already lost all my 19kilos baby fat! huhu (tapi still having the tummy and normal jeans can't fit already. Yes, u know which part already extanded right!)


Anonymous said...

mya..glad that u enjoyed ur confinement period :D
you looked glowing yesterday!
and ur baby is soooo cute and pipi labuh (bak kata u) hehe..
u take care ok beb!!

::i.e.r.a:: said...

txs dear..
take care... :)