Sunday, March 07, 2010

will i be ready?

It only left a week that i will be starting my work (60days maternity leave seems too short)
With this mix feeling of sad,worried and excited, will i be ready to leave her at least 9 hours of my day?
Huh... (deep inside u knew my answer but i am so much want to say I AM READY)

Leaving her with my mom is not an issue,
But having my maid assisting her worried me since i have no confidence in her! - Minah tu menggelabah & Banyak Membebel

Will the Breast Milk i'll be leaving (approximately 9 bottles of 2.5oz each) will be enough?
Will she be getting the food on time ? (If i was around, i can sense few minutes before she woke up that she wants milk!)
Will she be drinking warm milk ?

She is very spoilt as she only confortable sleeping when being cuddle (Standing) and in room of air-cond.
So by napping her downstairs (With mama & fellow maid love watching TV loud, sound of baking and those cats passing around-which belong to of my maid), will her be getting her sleep?

And last...
With my normal hactic work routine that demand me always staying back,
And my super freak attitude of lack trusting people,
Will i be ok???

Owh .. how i wishes i can be by her side always......


Mrs Mazran said...

you'll be just fine dear...

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