Thursday, May 06, 2010

Long awaited Stuff in my Wish List

I believed everyone have their own wish list.
Stuff in my wishlist nothing over the board of what i could afford eg a porche nor big bungalow house.
Hoever all stuff so far ive work my *** to get it on my own.
(Or at least as a gift by my Arjuna).

Latest is my long awaited stuff in my wish list is the DSLR.
Been wanting this since 3 years ago but could not afford this back then.
Now the fact i have a fulltime baby model in hand and some good offerings,
The Nikon finnaly is mine! (heheheh).. Bye-Bye my SONY.

Sekarang ambik gambar gembira-gembira!!
Next in wishlist ... xxxxxxxxxx

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