Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pagi yang Indah

Mostly, weekend are the only time i cook (kind of..)
Making breakfast for my Arjuna Insya Allah will be my ultimate gold!
Normally i made pancakes, cekodok, nasi goreng, bee hoon goreng and once, nasi lemak!
(Put aside roti bakar caused i did that for him during weekdays)
But no matter what the menu, breakfast is FUN!

This week, only two of us (My yummy apple around but taking her morning nap)
W talk and we gossip in many stuff
Planning and dreaming always amongst our favourite topic.
But as long we are together,
Its always pagi yang indah! (Can i do this everyday? = everyday is weekend)

Instant Murtabak Raja from KB. Damn delicious ! with Chocolate Milk


Sugar raisin bread from the LOAF. Nyummy
with glass of Orange Juice!

                                                                                                               Includes 'My yummy apple drink'

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