Monday, August 16, 2010

Craving for Sweetness

After birth, my craving for sweetness never stop. Anything caramel, sugar, icing and cheesy will be my first choice. In other way, "lets just skip the meal and goes direct to dessert". And as expected, the weight melonjak dengan gembiranya entering -6- families. Arg! I am one FAT lady with an innerbody age of 44 (knew this when i did fat analysis couple of weeks ago). But i am also a happy & proud mother (AND FAT).
OK,ok. For benefit of my own health, i will control my sugar intake. (REMEMBER, i mentioned control and NOT stop! hehhe)
For a start, only ONE Taufu Fa in every 2 weeks. (When i was preggo, i must get this everyday!-- But i was not being diagnosed with diabetic ok!)


little miss kechik said...

tau fu fa tu kategori high in sugar? alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.tensen la ni!

Anonymous said...

Motti he motti : )

Miss D