Saturday, September 25, 2010

Journey of my friendships

Im blessed that have many good friends around.
As we are who we are and believed on 'friends forever'.

Since school (My fav 5,errr may be 4 now),
We are best buddies! Many moments involved and i never regret to love & hate them.
We are like a big family now. Saya sayang kamu!!

To my Uni Golden Moments (Im involved in 2 clan, the 'famous 6' and 'the SHA geng')
Part 1; To my Famous 6,
Because of you, i had great moment in Uni moments
We might not in same courses/ blocks/ roomies
But we surely connected everywhere and anywhere
It is sad that all of us are far away
But we knew, we love each other very much. (Super muchhhhhhhhhhhh)
Love from Sg.petani to Kluang.

Part 2; To my SHA geng (4 of us),
As i learnt about TRUE Life from all of you
that u made me a different people with wiser & diverse views
Iam not as strong as now without you

To my Master Peeps,
Although the journey was short, but we have gained more than 'just' a friendship
We've been envy & hatred by many (well baby, it is not our fault that we have personality, looks and must i say-the brain)
M, A, M, A.

And to my beloved colleagues,
we might have different character, life, principles and personality,
but we knew deep inside, we always have each other.
with 4 different stories!

And lastly to him,
the 14 years old of friendship that full of fairy-tale, laughter and drama
always last forever!

I love all of you!

(Photo Ramadhan1413. -the 4 stories)


Anonymous said...

Oh babe..I love you too!
May this frenship last forever..amin.


mmazharo said...

Run by Snow Patrol

p/s: send my regards to your lovely Omera & arjuna..take care!

fififlafla said...

:) im blessed with wonderful friends... u're around or far away, u will always be in my heart..