Monday, November 08, 2010


If u havent heard,
My Arjuna lost his BB (My 2010 birthday gift) & his laptop.
Somehow i felt the 'misery' badly i've a full time user of his Light Slim Acer.
But  mostly, we have saved more than 6,000 pictures snapped on Baby O.
YES! we took her photos every week & for 'the lil nest' project, we have intended to have O's wall of fame.

As i personally feel, it was a great lost (Referring to all pictures & his work), Somehow im hoping for a miracle. Perhaps the thief realised he had stolen an innocent person's belongings.
Do u think it will happen?

Huh, i regret on my act of not updating the back ups.
So my dearly friends, im now in contact with most my friends & siblings who quicidencly might have my precious moments.. (Insya Allah & Pleaseeeeee)

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