Friday, June 10, 2011

Panic Mom

I was never this panic before.
Cant focus in my work nor knowing how the hell i drove from Subang to Gurney in just 25mins on 5.20pm. (After i heard the schocking news)
One best word could describe == PANIC

Yes, when Ajuna told that her body temperature was 39.6c, my heart beats faster & i cant think straight.
She must really need her mom now...
We monitor her temp closely & doing all our moms asked us to do..
Seriously... we never being this panic before. But i guess, every parents will go throgh this moment.
Alhamdulillah, as at today, although her body stil at 38.2c but she is improving.
I only had 2 hours of sleep and this bodyache im having....
I accepted it willingly as long as my baby o back being cheeky & hyper as usual.
Hope for your pry as well.

Insya Allah

  This sleeping position only when she is unwell.

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