Friday, September 14, 2007

Cerita Ramadhan

As the preparation for Ramadhan, we the newly weds tried to ensure what basics needed for the 'sahur' time. Arjuna likes something simple n easy like just the sausages n nuggets (instant food) while i actually wont mind. I mean im used not sahur but i cant do that now rite? So i decided whatever it is, i MUST wake up n prepare something for him. Tak kisah lah from just sausages, to sandwich, to nasi goreng or even to nasi with several lauks. That is my 'niat'. At this moment, we both belum tinggal terawih but cant promise it will further continue as we both have difficulties reaches home really early for Buka. Asyik on the dot ajer.. (macam possibilities buka dlm kete ajer...). It was pretty tiring though. Plus i am now under medication due to my health concious (i have not recovered from asthmathic yet.. may be the worst in history as it have been 3 weeks already).. Thanks to those my friends who had wishes me.. Thanks to Arjuna especially who have been taking care of this princess so called he proclaimed!
To my fellow friends.. selamat menyambut ramadhan ! ..
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Anonymous said...

huhu.. korang memang couple sempoi !

little miss kechik said...

selamat berpuasa...