Thursday, September 27, 2007

No.1 to No.5

We used to be the first (No.1) for u to rely on..
We were your shoulders to cry on..
We were your cheerleaders when you celebrate happiness..
We were bestest friends from then to even now..

You and I walk together to school, tuition and even prom nite..
You and I once quarel but later we regret..
You and I shared your love story from tha day he ask your no. till the moment u said I Do..
You and I are still best friends from then to even now..

But today,
We totally understand..
At your special day, special moment and special time..

we are your
we will let your HUBBY, FAMILY, FAMILY IN LAW and Close friends around u NOW to wishes u first ..
and lastly (No.5), we will call and wishes u Happy Birthday ..

Happy Birthday Noy from 4 of us.
(Red is ur fav colour)

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