Saturday, December 01, 2007

i hate waiting

i hate waiting
1 week its like 1 month
i ve been spoilt
Every wishes granted (not really every lah..)
i felt like small kiddo
When everyday to hear advices and more advices by people who loves me
i am experiencing a major change
that im looking forward n pissed to those who does not understand
i want to be the best
But I myself need more guidance
i hate waiting
1 week its like 1 month


Rien said...

You have been in tears.. and now u cant wait.. what are u up to girl??!!

rien said...

and that sad, depressed and lonely song too!! .....

little miss kechik said...

take a breather ... inhale.. exhale... it will be fine.. insyAllah

azin said...

salam ....

honestly, cannot fathom what may ur concerns mite be then. Obviously it is important 2u n all we can do is pray tat u be strong n hope the outcome be positive, insyallah.

Remember the song: Keep Smiling, Keep Shining, Knowing blaa blaa blaa. Good song huh...

kakakdegil said...

be patient..
hopefully, everthin' will be ok..