Wednesday, January 23, 2008

U-Turn, Petrol Kiosk & Arjuna

Im back from some assignment that made me go away from this busy bee KL. Please excuse the lack of blogging at this or any other writing while I was away. Some was shocked to know I could already drive long distance! (Actually, not really far lah!.. Only from KL to Melaka & N9) But still right!. For those who were concern, thank you. Actually I have managed to tag Arjuna along!.. It was not easy to persuade him but he actually forgo his 2 days of office just to be my greatest chauffeur. Well, no doubt that there were many U-Turns and stops at Petrol Kiosk to ask for directions, but we still managed!

Thank you Sayang. Arjuna really missed his lil crib! (Poor my love. He actually already slept! at 9.30pm). Just some blog updates, replying emails & chatting with some friends and I shall head to my bed too.

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little miss kechik said...

pasni leh la drive to s'wan.. trust me.. 3 hours.. easy peasy.. *LOL*