Monday, May 26, 2008

When things turned up not as expected...

After 100 days of confinement, and counting every single day of it.
The day finally arrived! And as expected by many, I surely ‘balun’ everything I was forbidden.
Ice, Cold water, Sotong, Udang and mostly Chicken (Confession- I did sometimes curik-curik makan ayam, but don’t tell arjuna.. Shhh!!!) were my menu every meal! For 3 days ok!

However, im suffering now. Badan panas-sejuk. No worries, no rashes or something from the opt. But I am sick! My Body is weak! and i got many pimples!

Arh.. Sakitnya. I guess my body were shocked accepting all these! Everything I've tasted today become tasteless.Chocs is not sweet for me and Cold water isnt that 'cool' anymore. So now im taking everything slowly.Perhaps I should stay out of ice! Its for the health anyway… Rite?! (Still owe my girlfriends that –yam sehh at Starbucks for my 100 days celebration) *Sigh*

My precious,
Grande Caramel Frappucino With Cream, Coffee Based with java chips!


little miss kechik said...

confinement laa.. wut consignment.. i know la u sell cars *LOL*

fififlafla said...

Haha! did not realised it!! Garang sehhh semenjak-dua menjak nak kahwin nie!!!

Linda said...

halu maya! hope u terus sihat-sihat..