Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saying Goodbye before I’ve said Hello

It takes a lot of courage for me to write this
But it takes even more guts for me to go through this
And today, I am ready to tell you

At 8 weeks, my baby that I carried with full care and tender
with extra love and affectionate
and amid with so much hopes and pray
have stop breathing

Yes, I felt my heart stop too
fears, emotions, lost, anger, self-blame, depression
sadness, anxiety, guilt, hurt and mostly devastating
the same exact feeling way I felt when I lost the twins

I felt,Not only I lost my potential baby (which could also be another twin)
But I also lost a dreams of parenting
And hope for the future

But may be because of previous lost
has made me even stronger every day
I grief and I cried
But I believed God have another great plan for me

And all does matter today,
Is I have my Arjuna

Happy Anniversary Sayang
Today, 22nd Nov is the 10th year we have been InLove
I promised to be your girlfriend last 10 years
And today I want to live with you even for another 100 years


little miss kechik said...

only the strong goes through this babe.. onyl the strong..

::i.e.r.a:: said...

Mya... Tuhan itu adil..Dia merancang sesuatu yg lebih baik untukmu...Amin..

khemy said...

mya, i'm speechless..
take care..banyak berdoa..
i better stop typing before i break down..tata (sensitipnyer aku)

Kakakdegil said...

be strong..

fififlafla said...

Thank You..
I am stronger every day when i have friends like you ..

nanu said...

setiap musibah ada hikmah disebaliknya..

nanu said...

setiap musibah ada hikmah disebaliknya