Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The new club

For those who were with me from 8 to 6 today,
U must saw how i celebrated my first day of being 30 years old!
Damn on those work made me hates my day today .

But Luncheon with fellow collegues were de-stress session i had..
And simple dinner at Arjuna's fav, Tony Roma's were simply a great closure of the day
And along, SMSs,Emails, FB wishes made me very honoured
To have many friends that have the thought

So i started today of my life
by admitting how matured i am .. AND
1. reminding myself how 'bersyukur' i supposed to be
2. joint trust fund between me & arjuna
3. realizing that my dreams (and her) CAN actually come through
4. how much i hurt from that worst moment i had with whom i called best friend
5. accepting that so much of people actually loving me..

For those who seing me as a someone who have achieved many in life,
I thank you on that..
But to them, i think i have failed in many aspects
So i'll try to be a better person
in my new club

Best Wishes
(7am; From so called twinnie-" Welcome to new club")
My deepest wishes
(Thank you My Arjuna for everything)
(And thank u to u that actually remembered! - thought u will missed it like any other years before)