Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yes... i am still doing my tons of homework
I have been abandoned lots of stuff
And my life .. pretty upside down now!

Im very overloaded now!
Hell-No this is not how supposed to be or planned
But what i can say... it is so UN-COOL!

Since im blogging this during my waktu rehat;
here are my summary

Life --> Sucks!
Time --> How i wish i have more than 24hours a day
Skin --> No time to pampered, so many pimples now!
Kakitangan --> tak cukup!
Weddings --> I missed 'doing' it..
Creativity --> Blocked!
Stress Level --> already Stage 5
Kasih Sayang --> Kurang Cukup
Weight --> Extra Gain (Damn those food i munched while stress)
Beauty Sleep --> Totally need more (only had 4 hours a day)
Social Life--> Forgot when was last time we watched movie
Cooking --> Today, masak kari! (kasilah at least dapur tu berasap)
Motivation Level --> ZERO
Most regret-->i wanna watch my TAIWAN Drama!!!

Only thing that make me happy... that people i pray and wishes everyday, insya allah will realizing their dreams! Bestnyer-Bestnyer!!!

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