Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Breathing healthy air

For the rest of my life..
It never been this bad that i have to take so far
3 nebolizer in a row for 2 days and
6-7 pumps inhaler a day!
That never happend! (Of course with doc prescription!)

And the worst was...
As i went for my 4th opinion on my illness at Ampang Puteri last night...
Which the que was extra long (Ambik no. at around 8.30 and only managed to see doc at 11pm)
Which the ward were full with (more than half) sick kids and adults
Which i demanded detail check up incase (Nauzubillah) H1N1,
They woudnt care that much coz i do not have fever... (Upset..)

I was otherwise was given an injection - To Clear My Lung!
Warhh.. First experience lor!
Meaning the nebolizer which i also had yesterday night wasnt enough!
Hurm.. So my dear friends out there...
Please-Please take extra care on yourself
Especially to my many prego friends
Stay Indoor, Wear mask at high-traffic places
Ensure a bottle of mini sanitizer always in ur handbag
Take a lot of water, vitamins and curry (according to a friend)

Below is today view of my Condo at 9am
(Normally it was very clear!)

And below is my injection plaster!
(Check out my macho scar --> yes people, that thumb is NUMB!)

Lets pray together that this non-fresh air will recover soon.
We all need healthy air to breathe

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