Thursday, October 08, 2009

My pregnancy journey

Enough explaining that i would rather keep it low..

Now let me start writting something down on this 'virtual' Little Black Book!
My pregnancy journey started as 'complicated' as previous
But we never give up and keep on prying to god that this time around,
Duhai Cinta Lara will survive...

And now i already 2 months being a prego working lady
That wear flat ballerina all time to work
And that non-maternity wear

And now everything else has changes.
The tummy is no longer 'shy' and hiding behind those baggy shirts.
As mommy already (insya allah) confidence to face the rest
No matter what will happen.

Shopping - was very exciting.
Eating - started to eat for 2 after raya!
Sickness - Mid-Night sickness. Started to puke after 9pm!
Skin - Alhamdulillah nothing 'freak-out' happened. May be i am very much controlling my food
Tahap ke-MALASan - Beyond standard. Especially with those backache! semua posisi duduk tak best!
Excitement - No best word to describe!
Craving - Tak de pun!!

(thinking that 'banana royale with strawberry cheesecake & choc chip flavour @ Baskin Robbins i had during lunch!)


khemy said...

Malaysia boleh!

little miss kechik said...

hmm.. banana royale.. yumsssyy

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