Thursday, December 10, 2009

Date brought forward???

Im already at my 33th Weeks..
So far, she just look fine...

Last meet with gyne,
She was very active!
My biggest fear "baby tak develop" has finnaly Over..
She apparently too healthy!
Perhaps effect on regular obimin, folid acid, vitamins, fish oil & An-Mum
(And zillions of prayers from us!)

So doc said, your EDD will be brought forward from
29th Jan at first to 2oth Jan and NOW, may be 9th Jan!
(Mommy does not care as long you were born healthy & safely)
p/s: Alang-Alang 09.01.2010 might as well i choose 11.01.2010.
(Simply because im so loving 11 January song!) kan? kan? kan?
(Tapi 10.01.2010 pun ok gaks!.. just nice number)


Kakakdegil said...

Mya.. naper mya deliver dulu?
Huhuhu.. jeles ni..

little miss kechik said...

there's nothing better then an EDD being brought forward..heheheh!