Monday, January 25, 2010

The Journey so far ,,, (14days)

It have been 14days.
Too much feelings and stories to talk
But i prefer summarize it as, ITULAH PENGORBANAN YANG HARUS DILALUI.
According to others, i should be recovering by 12days. ( I guess it didny happen that way in my version!)
Yes!- Darn u PANTAI MEDICAL (Their negligence made me suffer extra days)
All i want, is desperate to be Healthy.
Now, im under prescribtion of - Obimin, Vitamin C, Calcium, Antibiotik
My very own self-precribe, Lots of Chocolates (Arhhh,, aku peduli apa! i need some sweet into my life)
And as im blogging on bed Now, she is having flu. Causing trouble to breathe.
Felt so guilty n pity for her.


Kakakdegil said...

Nonie plak ada trouble ngan susu
Rasa cam dah low supply ni.. :(

Utterly Me said...

Pengorbanan yg ikhlas itu manis : )