Saturday, April 02, 2011

2 things I NEVER Buy

I have realised that i never buy these 2 items i love...
Watches and Purfumes.

Watches were mostly a gift from my dad. He knew type, brand and colour i prefer most..
But ever since married, Arjuna have been the replacement lah. (hehhe)
However nowadays, i prefer to use his watches instead coz i like men watches.
It looks more macho from my 'tiny fingers' and on hand with scar.

I have realised i have more than 30 bottles. But actually.. i only use some of my fav.
Yes... those with 'floral accents' attract me most.
That is why i have more that 3 bottles of PLEASURE and my MIRACLE.
All are a gifts by friends and family.
But the my latest birthday gift will be my new smell.
It have the scents of green mango, lotus FLOWERS and sycamore wood.

I loike...

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Utterly Me said...

Kind enaf to give me some of the unused perfume..haha!