Saturday, September 28, 2013

It is just too much to share

Wow... i seriously thought i will not be able to blog this anymore, As i have lost the password several times and were unable to locate. Somehow, it works tonight... (Double Wow) Well, fififlafla is still around! but probably not so much being fififlafla but more as Maya Hamzah (i hope u know what i meant) From the last post i wrote, my life might be static but too much things happening that i am unsure where to start... But overall, my focus, my strategy, my direction has changed (of course to a better one) Some might thought life could be more boring but i must admit-hey! if that is my focus then everyone should respect that right! After all, u can't pleased everyone... - or why must we pleased everyone. Enough to the people we care! I am loving this life and i hope Allah will blessed my choice with people i love As time changes, think thorough and think well! Should you have not undergone any changes (in any kind of form) Try to soul-searching, In Sha Allah you will find the light through the tunnel or should have found one.... Thank you to the al-mighthy that you were given the chances... Life is just too beautiful to waste any!

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