Thursday, March 08, 2007

my girlfriends... ur always my baby....

this entree is specially for my special girlfriends

story of 5 of us
with each personlity n its histrory
till today 5 of us still remain friends..

Jar...loving u of being urself
no-rule...ur change in life inspired me..
girl...ur sweetness potrayed u..
noy... we always lov u.. congratulations n we cant wait to see u on those man kajang's dressess..

** do u girls still remember--always be my baby--the song we sang in the van 10 years ago..
** that moment when u all see all our pix in RATU SEHARI .. that was really fun kan! tribute with this entree...


Anonymous said...

i just want to say.
i believe in Friends Forever too..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My Friendship Prayer...
m hopin' dat Allah alwiz bless all my fellow frenz, d days spent 2gether, all of them who i pray will b wit me 4ever...(thanks 4 all d memories, gud times & FUN!)