Monday, March 12, 2007

Sick, Sick n Seek

this aint supposed 2 b sad entree but this is what i felt now at this moment (7.02pm)

im SICK to be working late night n knowing my love (my hubby) reaching home. i tried 2 b a good wife but im stuck wit my path to dream career.. must i loose it 2 find the eternity love? .. but he always support me.. perhaps i just need 2 hang on a lil while till he really stable n later (soon Insya Allah) that ill be the wifey i always wanna be..

this purging make me SICK. Body 2 week. i have 2 eat soups (my babes advise me too but i never like soup! mcm org sakit!). i want my spicy food! i need my apple aloe vera juice!!!

well.. lately... my hatic life make me thinking n SEEK for wat do i really want in life?.. have i got all (noooooooooo...).. entahlah.. sometimes i just think 2 much!.. (alhamdulillah lama tak dpt Migrane) errhh.. just forget my last thoughts! seeking unknown things can be tiring lah...

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