Thursday, April 26, 2007

Listener vs Just Cound't stop talking.....

there is one day..
a lady approached me.. n she asked. n she asked for tips to study
erhh..i know im not the most inteligent girl in school but neither the most Dumb one..
at first..?why me?..but then..wat the hack...i just spell out some tips..
in the end..i think im actually giving her motivation/lecturer talk
on how to study..on how to concentrate n blah-blah-blah..
it hit me!! OMG!..what im doing? but DOUBL OMG!OMG! when..
she just listen..n listen..n she listen carefully..
thank u for listening n i hope wat i advise u just... MAKE SENSE!
there is also one day..
i had chat wit a girl..
we had long talk.. those girl talk..
but till i realized...
all she talk about is HERSELF
everything must link to her...there is always Letter I.. I.. I.. I.. and more iiiiiiiiii
i mean u can talk... i love to talk to...
but may be less about I ... n alert of wat plp next to u talk about...
isnt it more healthy for your friendship?

hurm... so which category are u?

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