Sunday, April 29, 2007


Not so much of obses..but now im crazy over new genre of music
Indon music still my life!..(have u heard Ungu latest hit?..bagus bangat dehhh..and Kris beautiful song..dont really remember the title ..but got something to di wit "goodbye". n i dont think i like latest irwan shah & Acha duet..hurm.. mcm kurang kick aje!)Yup.. my head over hills now with Tori Amos, Jewel, Vonda Sheppard, Fiona Apple. Its so cool!!its about time to revised that ipod girl....

But.. about my other obses!.. that coach handbag under my '..that took my breath away..'
ive been dreaming to get that.. there was once a friend of mine ask wheather do i want that.. rm2ooo. (murah sikit ajer dr harga retail). she works in US n a friend of hers can get staff price. but.. isnt it too expensive for a handbag? i mean at my level here!.. it more than half of price of my monthly salary!. BUT ... another friend of mine leaving to US.. so sajalah i merisik khabar about that bag.. apparently.. they dont sell that model anymore!!.. sedihnyer!!!! .. menyesal pun ada but may be aint my rezeki yet..
one day... one day... ill be using one of ur design!! one day.. (ckp alal-ala smeegol and his 'precious one')

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