Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friend ... Ive been Missed n U pissed Me!

ive been missed by my dearie friend.. rase touching sgt when a friend called n said.. " i miss talking to u ".. at that moment.. u feel like wanna terbang tinggi2 n felt very appreciated.. yes,, i have friends that love me n i love my friends..
however.. i also got pissed by fellow friend. Erg!! seriously.. CAN NOT TAHANNLAH...
god pleasee... bring her back to real world! .. Stop living in hypocrit life! Be urself! ERhh... stop talking about her... make me wanna puke!
But.. im also happy coz i have introduced 2 of my friend for blind date! best sangat!. they both will make such a cute couple! seriously.. seorang sungguh comel!, seorang lagi memang berperwatakkan comel! .. so adorable!...

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