Friday, May 25, 2007

WE Pray..

finally the long awaited time reached yesterday! i cant say its a dream but its OUR first baby step to achieving our dream.. it was so relief!! but it seems that WE have to work extra hard this time.. WE pray that...

* it will happend!.
* God Bless Us..
* Dearie always love Us
* Family support Us
* Us become friends forever
* ..Insya Allah, our effort ONE FINE DAY... to be recognized...


Anonymous said...

To my two beloved babes,
I strongly believe that ur dream will come true very soon. InsyaAllah..
All the best dear.

Hidup L&B!!

- ur official company sec. -

Anonymous said...

A bit late for a reply huh, but its been a while since i read your blog, almaklumlah agak sibuk mengira hutang piutang kat atas ni ha..but a'way..alhamdulillah, yes wo finally got it done...Yes our company sec...Long Live with Prosperity L&B..lala