Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Morning wishes to few..

I came in to office last gloomy monday morning with different feeling. Dont know why but it was great. I smiled all day till noon n listen that music i like. Although that evening i told her that i kind of missing something that regurlarly happend to me but still... the mood mentioned was still there..

Again, i wishes my Good Morning to few with this ...

Good Morning Malaysia
Just on the way to office n have this niat to say good morning to you..
How are u. Hows life? Mine been great.
Just a morning talk with u...
Have u been into situation like u think u want a lot of thing but actually u already have everything?
I used to feel that but this morning.. i wake up with this new feeling..
I think i already have everything (that god decide what i deserved)
I have great life
I have fantastic hubby
I have what i planned in my career path from academic.
I have bestest friend that a friend ever wish
I think all i really need is Time. (Since im a dreamer and i have many to accomplish)
I thank god for all that given.
& today i am happy despite this moody monday morning

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