Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love is Sacrifice

My arjuna leaving for work. N leaving me back in KL alone. I wont mind if its only 1 or 2 but he’ll be going 5 days! (hurm.. may be its pay back time kan!)..we don’t spent much time 2gether as we both been busy with our own agenda. But that 5 hours before he left, he like spent really quality time with me. He accompanied me for some lil shopping as early as 10! . Kesian..selalu wakes as 12noon on Sunday!. Then I drag him to Gulatis to find kain for Baju melayu. (He hates walking to Jln Tunku Abd Rahman). Then I asked him to pick the colour,, be he refused!. He said 2 let me choose the colour n he shall find something similar… (Hurm, how sweet) .. then we went for coffee at my new hang out place at Old Town White Coffee House @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng. (I’ve been merengak to have my fav iced choc since last Thursday) . hurm.. coffee n Roti kiap at Noon.. erh! Tak sesuaiinya.. Then before we headed back, he gave me some pocket money (sedangkan dah dapat monthly allowance.. I mean dah habis) ..I was smilling from ear to ear!. Hurm.. besarnya pengorbanan seorang suami kan ..


azin said...

men sumtimes do tat when they r in luv n hav their luved ones in their heart n mind. key word - sumtimes. most of the time macam maner pulak, u may ask ?? Tat i will not comment as every1 is unique & a bottomless pit for arguements ^_^

kakakdegil said...

mari menghormati suami..
babe, u kat umah mother u ke?

fififlafla said...

Everyday i learnt to love him more n realizing the love today actually greater then yesteray

little miss kechik said...

helu?? 5 days???? be grateful missy!!! hahahhaa! mine is gone for 8 months!! we should celebrate kan when he comes back? celebrate but w/o the guys hahaha!