Saturday, August 11, 2007

You can call me crazee but i dont care

Yup.. u can call me crazee but i dont care. Just dont how i can get involved into all this but i definately enjoying it. Tak kisahlah penat mana pun.. i still wanna do. I think ive found my passion into this maya world. talking about maya. she is very different with the sis. Sis is very tak kisah n last minute person. Ergh,, can not tahan. Tapi lil sis seorang ajer.. so i try to make it perfect for u. but the one that goes giler are the big sis n mama. Thank god mama was very calm taking her daughter's act. I love u mama and i love u sis..
Right now, im craving to have 7 pieces of mama's speacialties of choc ball

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Cybele said...

Good post.