Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Panic Button

im sad coz im hurt
not hurt in my feeling but hurt in healthy
ive make arjuna's life miserable by taking care of me (got chance to be super extra manja)
even losing my pump .. he have to pressed the panic button
till we were rushing to pharmacist to get the ventolin
how much he cares alway touches me
but sigh.... this is first time i did not loose weight while sick
life is too good when i open my eyes..
'sayang, are u hungry.. illl get u some food'... then i ate my medicine n sleep.
in summary.. im being well pampered while having this asthma ..
but i hate this feeling i have...
i want to be healthy back!


Anonymous said...

babe darling,
get well soon ok.


-ms E-

kakakdegil said...

take care babe..
luckily.. arjuna is always there for u..

take care.. jangan buas buas

little miss kechik said...

aku baca entry ni sambil dgr lagu Lelaki Ini - Anuar Zain. count your blessings luv, u have a great man w/ u. i luv him for loving u in all the rite ways..