Monday, September 03, 2007

Im a bad person

Im a bad person.

I thought sometimes Im good enough that I do not have to remember twice,
I thought sometimes Im a good friend as I being a good listener and never betrayed you
Being perfect is never in my dream but being good as what I wish and what im trying to portrays.
Being a good wife in other hand is I know im not BUT i wish and I wish very hard

But at this moment, I am a bad person
Im a bad person because I lost the most precious thing in my life
Its symbol of unity, It’s a gift by the person he love most ..

Im a bad person because Im being greedy and want so much thing in life. I put aside all barrier and believe in myself that I could achieve it no matter what. Im being careless that sometimes I just take every little thing simple and small.

So today I pray that god lead me to so clues what I have lost
As Ramadhan coming, I do not want to be that bad person anymore.And I shall promise you too that I shall appreciate others even more ..

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aida said...

so sorry to hear that. but i dun think you are a bad person mya. you might be forgetful or unlucky, but definitely not bad. cheer up! mana tau you jumpa balik at the end kan?