Thursday, October 11, 2007

Into Raya Mood

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is cominggggggggggggggggggg... (huhu)
Well actually, deep inside i am pretty sad to leave Ramadhan behind.
Although Arjuna was tested by HIM with one of his biggest Dugaan in Life, & Im trying very extra hard to get back into size-S.. (duh!.. i wish.. n btw, never happend), I love Ramadhan so much!
It teaches me to be better person or specifically .. Penyabar!!
I did my Terawikh Pryers for around 2 weeks! (missed that 1 week approximately due to Ehemmm-Ehemm & another one due to being so tired and lazy bum-bum)
Preparation for both Arjuna & me have been "excited" i must said. We had 3 pairs of New Baju Kurung & Melayu! Our house been nicely decorated! (Well, still no kitchen cabinet...) & Brand new Bed Sheet! Huhu! .... and oh yes! my balang kuih raya.. (i got 8 IKEA balangs in total) but my cookies, ada dlm 10 jenis! heheheh... Excited nyerrr ...
I will tell u more on my journey-first time being a wifey that celebrates Hari Raya Away from city!

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