Saturday, October 27, 2007

Raya 2007 - The Way I see it

The way I see it

Ive been many places, Ive taste difference food,
Ive had numerous thoughts

My Raya Celebration this year is the most exciting
Being a wifey is the most I treasure
But seing many I never, is the most unforgettable

I never been outside KL as im a true city girl
The noise of the chaotic chow kit road and Jalan TAR have been part of my life
Regular Trip to Masjid Wilayah, MD and KGB was all the same as previous
Until 2007, it is more to see, speak and share

So I flew far-far away from my play
Meeting more faces that I should knew
As everyone was keen to see the KL girl she married

Countless of Happiness I must said
From day One to touched down back during the dawn
How much I thankful I am what Iam
Coz I see something that made me sob

So I love my Raya break
Coz the way I see it, I have gained more then usually
So I told it in different ways
The journey with many stories

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