Saturday, November 17, 2007

How to be Happy

If you know me well enough, some might have the impression that im so happily leaving in my Happy Puppy Life. Well, yes I am Happy. I am Happy because every breath I take now is for a reason. Reason that I want to be continued seeing Arjuna first thing in the morning when i wake up. Reason to know that I actually still have that long last dream to achieved with my dream girl and Reason that I am not a complete woman that I want to be. So I must said, as at this moment- I would prefer calling my life as Delighted.

So, is it a choice to be happy? Well, it depends how you define Happy since Happy has different meanings for everyone. Being at home with husband and family can be Happy for some simple life wifey. Being having and wearing all those high end & well known brands can make some shopoholic more than Happy. Being devoted themselves to Religion is the forever Happiness to some. But some said, as long he/she can deal with loneliness by him/herself, that will be happy enough.

When im at home with my Arjuna-I am Happy
When im at Mama’s house, just watching tv-I am Happy
When im eating my favourite food- I am Happy
When im watching tv shows- I am Happy
When I turned on my Ipod- I am Happy
When I am always and keep on dreaming- I am Happy
When I chilled out with my girlfriends- I am Happy
When blogging- I am Happy too

So u tell me, are you Happy? Is the happiness is truly yours and not someone else?..
How actually to be truly be Happy in this old crazy world?
This is a choice is yours to make..

I choose to be Happy

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little miss kechik said...

happy is when ur work is crappy.. ur debt is crappy.. ur shape is crappy..ur luv is crappyly far away from you..ur internet line is crappy..ur hair is crappy.. and all u say everyday is.. i am alive. happy. funny 5 letter word ei?