Thursday, December 27, 2007

Its whole NEW Me...

its not that i dont want to write,, ive been busy. Watching Oprah, Martha and Ugly Betty. (That is actually my normal routine when i had really long break aka MC).. I once had already log in.. but have nothing to say.. (its kinda weird to hear that from me rite).. I mean.. its not that i dont have anything to write... I do!.. I really do.. Its just.. things im gonna write are things that inside my mind and heart which was,... u know what.

I dont want to think about it anymore. Enuf!! (Some can know how i felt thru this song).. Its not me being mushy.. but.. u dont understand what i felt. The hope in me and plp surrounding that i actually have dissapoint them!..

Im sorry sayang.. Im sorry mama..

But today... its whole new me..
I am stronger.. Im better..
I woke up with another hope and wishes
With more plp to smile on everyday

So .. this 3 stuff will make me busy...

+2008 Pinkish organizer+Ipod+Handbags(Potraying me More SHOPS!!,,heheheh)

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tini said...

Nice purse.. beli kat mana?