Friday, December 28, 2007

Spring Cleaning

i woke up early today though its a weekend.
The very bright morning make me sang while water my 2 pot plant
As i kissed my Arjuna before he headed to work
I have in mine to surprise him..

Yes, ive been extremely spoilt past 1 month
He did all the housework including cleaning, washing and cooking
(hey.. he was the one cook and jaga my 'pantang' until now)
(check out what he have been cooking for me nearly everyday until today)

(Menu: Bubur, Ayam Panggang, Ikan bilis & Ikan masin, Veges)

I want to do the cleaning today. I want to make the house clean & neat for him
Unsure I can hold it till the end
But i will try
So Arjuna will be Happy

Ill update u if the mission accomplished ok!
1st step; to put these books into boxes
(far-far away from me at this moment)

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