Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mission Accomplished But ..

huhu.. The Prosperity Burger by McD is already out! While i was on Net, Arjuna called and quickly asked me to watch the TV.. i was so happy to see the McD Tv ads. 5 minutes after that, i found myself at the McD! huhuh! with Prosperity burger definitely!! Nyum-Nyum (bye-bye Diet!)

okok... those who wants to know the result of previous entree.. well, the mission accomplished!! BUT ... not by me.. by Arjuna of course, heheh. Not my fault ok, arjuna came back early... masa time tu surelah i tgh tengok Samantha Brown on TV.. (that was 20 mins after ive posted last entree).. well, since he was back early.. might as well we do the spring cleaning together...rite?
okok.. i admit.. he did most of it.. since the housework too heavy lah. (ada potential hiring a maid tak?) so i did some of the wifey task on cleaning the house after nearly 1 month of doing nothing except lying on bed

So now, the house look more like a home.


of twilight and dreams said...


i read earlier on your loss but have no words to offer except that I sincerely wish you well and and good blessing for the new year. :) :)



fififlafla said...

hi Mrs blis...
Kindof weaird .. known u from Bliss..
Hahah.. Anyway.. hope it was not too late wishing u Congratulations on ur weds! May u have fantabulous 2008 with Soulmate..

& thanks dear for all the wishes..

little miss kechik said...

prosperity?? nyum nyum!! rasanye dah berbulan aku tak gi mcd / kfc / pizza.. hmm.. tiba2 rasa lapo.. ahhaa!