Monday, December 31, 2007

When all else fails, use praise

Before I was about to write this entrée.. I have in mind was.. my 2007 sucks!.. The most desires I have smashed in split moment.
But again.. may be Im being too emotional about it.
There must be something good in 2007 rite!
So, im using the approach of when all else fails, I use praise..

So aftermath of deeply thinking
My 2007 was not bad actually
Ive fed my soul with love and joy
Ive actually learnt more all by myself for the future

Im not goanna list all my vows 2008.
All I wanna say is 2008 will be the year for me!
It is the Year! And All is about me..

2008 hands above us waiting to surprise and inspire.

In mean time, may u all have a fantabulous 2008

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