Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Becoming More Normal

I thank god its becoming more Normal everyday
Last weekend me & arjuna had our normal weekend activities (been missing them) – Watching Midnite National Treasure 2,Erm.. my personal comment-
I think that this movie is something I can just gaze in HBO.…
(well, better than that Alien vs Predator2 thingy Arjuna
wants to see at first lah!.. Too Vialonce lah)
Then we went for Grocery. Pusing2 Carefour and buy stuff that were not actually listed in my list.
Then, a visit from amongst my close friend in UTM made my day!
(Check out that Sin Chan bantal peluk MamaMia bought for BabyAdam!!)

On Monday..i start driving to work..
Its pretty awkward actually after had great chaperon for past 2 months.. Sampai scan that Touch&Go pun.. kena bukak pintu.. (lari barring!) And Tuesday (today), I cooked Fish & Potatoes for Arjuna, while I only had that salad and potatoes!!
(what to do.. still on Pantang)

Hello Fun and Joy ,, and Bye-Bye Tears ..

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