Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keep on :- Pray and Wishes

I woke up today in briskly cold morning and ready to tell you.
The unfortunate story of mine and lil' ones.

Where it all begun when i was confirmed preggo.
(Ok.. let fast foward to after i miscarriaged)
By surprise to know i still have another one inside my tummy.
How does this happend?.. Ketentuan Tuhan.
(Doc consider rare cases)
I found out that i have the twinnie which was still stuck in me at that moment.
It was another pregnancy but reported as Ectopic Pregnancy.

At that moment, i cried coz i should be a mother for a twin.
But when i really think of it,
I cried becoz they have took one of my tiub falipio since its already damage.
It means may be i only left 60% posiibilities to get pregnant AND
15% higher to get another ectopic pregnancy (Normal women to get 3%).

And today i cried again but i am still in pain.
Not from the C-sact operation but the same pain i had before surgery.
Is my another tiub also damaged or just a cramp.
What will happend to me?

All i can do is just to keep on praying & wishing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Babe,
i'll pray with u that one day u'll be a mother of another twinnie.. don't ever lose hope to be a mother cos i know u will be a good one..watever happen, i'll cry and laugh together wif u my dearie friend...


Nonie said...

be strong..
ader rezeki nanti..
maner tau.. another twin..

take xtra care of urself eh..

little miss kechik said...

sweet.. i feel you.

have faith..


Suraya said...

Dearie Maya

You are a great person. You always make people smile.You value friendship very much. I guess God is testing you. Accept this as Qada' and Qadar. You will smile again.

suz said...

just buzz me okay?
i'll be there for u..
take care dear!

azin said...

sebagai hamba yg lemah, yakini bahwa apa yg berlaku adalh ketentuanNYA. it may seem terlalu sukar n pahit now, n moga masa will heal all n u r able return u 2ur ownself. u r nt alone, husband, family n frenz, r all here 2support u......

Anonymous said...

Anggap ini satu ketentuan tuhan.

Ninie said...

hi Mya, how come ur doc x realize ada lagi satu baby in u? i think & suggest u should go & see Dr Hamid Arshad. My 1st pregnancy pun doctor dkt Specialist Damai ckp Ectopic pregnancy tapi i rasa mcm something wrong.
i will paray for u Mya, Amin..

a yummy mummy handbook said...

im sorry..i didnt read this earlier, ateh told me some parts of it but this is didnt know.

I feel for you and ure a strong person to have gone thru this..

i hope everything will work out ok..insyallah, rezeki is Allah gracious gift and he can do wonders.

:D...hang in there k...